If your child should become ill or be involved in a serious accident, the school office will make every reasonable attempt to contact a parent or the person you have designated on the Emergency and Health Information sheet. In an emergency, paramedics will be called. Please make certain we have up-to-date telephone numbers on the Health Information sheet in the office file.

Unless students are coming to school for breakfast, they should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before school begins (8:50 a.m.). They should not stay after school dismissal longer than 10 minutes without parent permission (3:40 p.m.).

Students are to be in their seats when the bell rings at 9:05 AM. He/she should be at school every day except in case of illness. Please do not keep him/her out of school to baby-sit, shop, etc. If your student will not be at school, please call the school or send a note to the office so that the absence can be excused. Parent Link will be calling on all absences that have not been excused by a parent. Absences must be excused within five days of the absence. Excessive absences and a drop in student achievement could result in in a referral for violation of the Utah Compulsory Attendance Law (Utah Code 53A-11-101).


Breakfast will be served from 8:30 to 8:55 AM beginning the first day of school. The cost is $1.00 and the reduced cost is 30 cents. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch also qualify for free or reduced breakfast. Central students may bring a sack lunch or purchase a school lunch. Lunch prices are $1.75 per meal or $35.00 for twenty meals. Reduced lunch cost is 40 cents. Lunches for adults/visitors cost $3.85. Payments for lunches are to be taken to the cafeteria in the morning before school begins. Families who qualify for free or reduced lunches must apply. Because the amount of Title 1 funding we receive is based on the percentage of our population that qualifies for free and reduced lunch, all parents who think they might qualify are encouraged to apply regardless of whether or not they intend on having their children take advantage of the free or reduced priced meals. See the office for forms.

If a child is taken from school during school hours, District policy requires that the parent or “responsible person” sign the child out at the school office. The school is not allowed to release a student by a note, telephone call or the child’s word. Parents must come in and sign students out. The office will call the student to the office at that time while the parents wait in the office for their student to arrive. Teachers are not permitted to release students to parents from their classroom. Individuals checking students out of school must be on the student’s emergency release form.


Central uses a school wide behavior program called the Central ROAR. The Central ROAR is modeled after a researched method for changing school-wide behavior called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (or PBIS). ROAR stands for Respect, Order, Attitude and Reach. School behavior expectations are posted in each area of the school, and teachers train students throughout the year on these expectations. The key to this method is that it creates school-wide expectations and language.
Another key aspect of the program is that it focuses on positive behavior. As students follow the Central ROAR, they are given slips of paper called tiger smiles that win them a chance to be in a weekly drawing. They can also earn tiger tokens that reward the whole grade level with a chance to go see a movie at Water Gardens. The most important reward is that teachers and staff praise students for following expectations.
In the event that a student does not follow directions, then opportunities for teaching and reflection occur. These interventions are not meant to be punitive, but rather instructional. Students will follow normal routines, expectations and outcomes in the class. If a student needs further interventions, then they could receive what we call a “Think Time” where they write about their behavior in another classroom. Students with major infractions or multiple think times will receive an office referral. In either case, parents will be contacted.
The school would ask for your help in reinforcing behavior expectations should your child receive a think time or office referral.

Central Elementary School follows the adopted dress code policy of the Alpine School District. School dress and grooming guidelines apply to all school related functions including extra-curricular activities.

  • Shoes and clothing should be appropriate for PE, recess, and weather conditions.
  • All shorts and skirts must be at mid-thigh or longer.
  • All shirts must cover the stomach, back, and shoulders.
  • No clothing that is inappropriate:
    1. Inappropriate pictures
    2. Vulgar or defiant language
    3. Alcohol, smoking, drugs, or related logos
    4. Gang apparel

Alpine School District provides buildings and grounds for the welfare of the children. The school equipment is maintained for fire protection. Proper fire drills, earthquake drills and other emergency procedures are practiced regularly. Central Elementary School has developed emergency preparedness plans relating to earthquake, flood, blizzard, fire, intruders and bomb threat. In case of an early closing of school for a blizzard, etc., children will be kept at school until a firm contact with a responsible adult can be made to assure student safety between school and home.

Alpine School District attempts to protect students from injury by installing equipment that has met given safety standards. The schools, however, do not carry insurance to cover hospital or medical expenses in case of accident. Those desiring protection should complete forms and pay premiums at the start of each school year. Information regarding the Student Accident Insurance Program adopted by Alpine School District is sent home with each student during the first week of school. You may call 435-752-8484 or toll-free 800-327-5400 for more information. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) offers medical insurance for children who do not fit into a Medicaid program. It will assist families who need medical or dental health insurance for their children. Call 1-888-222-2542 for more information.

When personal property is lost, it is reported to the teacher and principal. Efforts will be put forth to assist in locating the misplaced items. Students should look in the lost and found first. It is located in the cafeteria. Regular display of unclaimed articles will be available for parents. All lost and found items will be donated to humanitarian efforts at the end of each quarter.

We have an expanding inventory of library books and other media materials. Those who check out books are responsible for their care and replacement if damaged or lost. Although elementary school libraries do not charge for overdue books, all books must be returned or paid for.

Designated personnel in the office distribute all student medications. The only exceptions to this are students who have a written note from their doctor to carry their asthma inhaler or epi-pen with them. Students are not allowed to carry medication, including headache medicines or cough drops, to school with them. Note: If a child needs a headache medication, verbal permission from a parent over the telephone will allow the office to give a non-prescription headache medicine.

Please do not send “spending money” to school with your student unless a specific school-sponsored project warrants it. Students should not keep money in their desks.

Alpine School District maintains membership in the Utah Congress of Parents and Teachers Association. Four area councils are organized in Lehi, American Fork, Pleasant Grove and Orem. Each local school has an organization to build school understanding. Local officers plan meetings and encourage parent involvement. Membership dues are $7.00.

Parent/Teacher conferences are used to celebrate and discuss the student’s educational progress. During the school year, there will be two Conferences involving the student, parent and teacher. Teachers may call the parents at any time when the cooperation of the two is needed. The parent should also feel free to call the teacher. Parents will have access to on-line scheduling for parent conference. Information will be given prior to conference time.

Children will not bring toys of any kind to school. Particular areas of concern are electronic equipment and hard baseballs. They distract children and take away from their opportunity to learn. Frequently, other children damage these items and the school cannot accept responsibility. These items will be confiscated and held until a parent picks them up in the office. Show-and-tell items must stay in the student’s backpack.

If your child is having a problem at school with other students or is having difficulty in class, please contact the teacher or principal or the person closest to the problem to assist you. We want all students to feel safe, nurtured and encouraged each day at school.

As stated in District Policy No. 5182, “It is the policy of Alpine School District to maintain school environments which are conducive to learning. It is the District’s intent to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere by prohibiting acts of violence, aggressive behavior, intimidation, possession of weapons, criminal behavior, or gang activity on school property.”


The School Community Council works with the teachers and principal to make important decisions for the school. If you have an issue to bring to the school, please plan on attending a School Community Council Meeting.

We encourage students to wear blue and white or Central shirts on Fridays.

No student-age visitors will be allowed to come with the students for the day. Cousins, younger family members or other young friends of Central students are not permitted to visit at the school during school hours. All other visitors are required to check-in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass immediately upon arrival at the building.

School telephones are available for administrative and school business. Elementary students will not be called to answer a telephone call except in an emergency. Students may use the telephone in their teacher’s room with the teacher’s permission. Students may not use cell phones or any other portable communication device during school hours.

Parents should always plan with the teacher for treats at school. Utah law prohibits us from serving homemade treats at school. Please, if you want to provide treats for the classroom, purchase packaged treats that are commercially prepared. Water is the preferred drink for class parties.

Central wants the teacher and pupils to have an effective instructional experience. Parents are welcome to visit the school. You may arrange with the teacher to visit. Parents are required to check-in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass immediately upon arrival at the building. Central’s safety plan requires all visitors to sign in at the office. A staff member will take any items brought for students to their classroom. Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.