April Message

Dear Parents,

We will soon be making class lists for the next year. We understand that this is an emotional thing for children and their parents. Our main goal is to make classes balanced to create the best educational environment for each student. We take into consideration learning styles, academic ability, behavioral accommodations, and special needs. Each child is carefully placed and we encourage you to trust us to select the most appropriate outcome for all students.

However, before we start this process we welcome input from parents with information that you feel we need to be made aware of regarding your child. Information could include any students your child should not be placed with or what type of teacher you feel your child would work best with. Please don’t request specific teachers as it is not likely that every request would be able to be made. All requests need to be submitted in writing by filling out a parent concern form located in the office. We will be making lists at the end of April so all forms are due by Friday, April 20th.

Once lists are completed, it is difficult to make changes and still maintain the careful balance between classes. Requests for changes after this time may not be honored because we want to ensure we do our all we can in making the best educational environment for each student. If you have any questions or need more clarification then please contact me. The school number is 801-610-8104.

If you will be moving over the summer, or if your child will be attending a different school next year, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Thanks parents for all you do to support your child and Central Elementary!


Mr. Wells