Thanksgiving and Impressionable Children

Dear Parents,In light of recent events I wanted to take a moment to discuss school safety. Central Elementary follows district policy and practices drills in the event of a fire, earthquake, internal threat, and external threat. Teachers and students are trained on what to do for each emergency.
In addition, all doors to the building are locked except the front doors and visitors are to check in at the office. The school is visited by local police often and at random times.

It has been reported that 93% of situations involving school violence, at least one other person knew about it beforehand. The school would like to join forces with you in training kids to take seriously and report if they hear about school violence threats.
There is some debate about how to make schools welcoming and inviting while also making them safe and not resembling prisons. We are always looking for better ways to be safe as a school and I welcome any ideas from the community.

Thanks parents for all you do to support your child and Central Elementary!

Mr. Wells