Thanksgiving and Impressionable Children

Dear Parents,

It should not come as a surprise that for the November principal message I would like to talk about gratitude. I would like to do this for two reasons:

First, It has been another great start to the school year. There is a marked improvement with student behavior as a school in general. Teachers and staff have been excited and willing to tackle another year with the inevitable changes and challenges that each year brings. New teachers to Central have been great to work with. Parents have been supportive with issues that have popped up and we had an amazing turn out to the Halloween Carnival. I am continually impressed with this school and community so thank you!
Second, I feel it is important to remind parents how impressionable young minds can be. Kids say and believe the things that their parents say and believe. Most of the time I laugh when I hear a student talk about their very adult view on politics. On the flip side I cringe when I hear a student who is being disrespectful of their teacher say, “My parents don’t even like my teacher.” Or when a student who is struggling with math say, “My parents say that the way the school teaches math is stupid.” I think good intentioned parents sometimes build up walls for their children by what they say and believe.

Along that same line I often hear adults talk about how entitled and ungrateful kids can be. I would pose the question of, “Is it because something is wrong with this generation or are we as adults not modeling gratitude ourselves?”
Do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions. Thanks parents for all you do to support your child and Central Elementary!


Principal Ryan Wells