Tips for Parents and School Feedback

Dear Parents,

Parents always ask me what they can do to help and support their child’s education?  I have a three-tiered response.

First, I feel that the number one thing parents can do to help and support their kids is to tell them often that you care about their education.  I hope it is no secret that so much of what kids know about the world and themselves is based on what adults tell them.  So be positive about education when you talk with them.  Tell them they are great at math.  Tell them they have a great teacher and school.  Tell them you loved school.  Even if these things are maybe not 100% true, you will be setting them up for greater success.

Second, once you have that down, the next thing is to read with them.  As much as you can.

Third, go to parent/teacher conferences, communicate with the teacher as needed, and work as a team to address the needs of your child.  When I see this happen, student learning and behavior gets better every time.

At parent/teacher conferences there will be a short evaluation paper you can fill out about your child’s teacher.  Whether you feel things are going swimmingly or not, please fill them out for each of your children’s teachers.  If there is room for improvement, then this will be great feedback and motivation to change.  If you are happy how things are going, then this is great validation for the teacher.  More than anything else teachers need right now, it is validation!

The same applies for me.  Please click on the following link to take a short survey about me:

Parent Principal Survey 2016-2017 – English

Parent Principal Survey 2016-2017 – Spanish

Thanks parents for all you do to support your child and Central Elementary!


Mr. Wells