Tips for Parents and School Feedback

Dear Parents,
A new school year brings changes to the school as we are always striving to do things better. The two major changes this year for Central are the standards-based report card for all grades, and the implementation of a school-wide behavior policy called the Central ROAR.
The Central ROAR is modeled after a researched method for changing school-wide behavior called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (or PBIS). ROAR stands for Respect, Order, Attitude and Reach. School behavior expectations are posted in each area of the school, and teachers train students throughout the year on these expectations. The key to this method is that it creates school-wide expectations and language.
Another key aspect of the program is that it focuses on positive behavior. As students follow the Central ROAR, they are given slips of paper called tiger smiles that win them a chance to be in a weekly drawing. They can also earn tiger tokens that reward the whole grade level with a chance to go see a movie at Water Gardens. The most important reward is that teachers and staff praise students for following expectations.
In the event that a student does not follow directions, then opportunities for teaching and reflection occur. These interventions are not meant to be punitive, but rather instructional. Students will follow normal routines, expectations and outcomes in the class. If a student needs further interventions, then they could receive what we call a “Think Time” where they write about their behavior in another classroom. Students with major infractions or multiple think times will receive an office referral. In either case, parents will be contacted.
The school would ask for your help in reinforcing behavior expectations should your child receive a think time or office referral. If you have any specific questions, then please let me know.
Principal Ryan Wells