Beginning of School Message

Dear Parents,

For the past three years Central has focused on three important aspects for student success. These aspects are academics, behavior, and attendance. When the school and parents work together on these areas is when the most positive change can happen.

A focus on academics has included teacher collaboration, aides in every grade level, the You, Me, and a Book program, and many other strategies that help kids learn. The school and teachers have worked hard on unifying and streamlining philosophies and interventions in an effort to also increase student learning. Scores, especially in DIBELS have steadily increased.
Central has made huge strides in student behavior especially in hallways and assemblies using the school wide behavior intervention system called the Central ROAR. Student of the month, lunch with the principal, and grade levels going to Water Gardens movie theater have been a hit! However, we have recognized the need for more social/emotional help for students and have hired a school counselor, Jana Wiltbank and a teacher on special assignment, Jackson Jones to address special behavioral needs of students.

Our third focus is student attendance which has greatly improved, but still is not where we want it to be. Attendance issues contribute to the academic and behavioral concerns in the school. The school will continue to do attendance prizes to reward for good attendance and letters home at certain intervals of missed school. We understand that there is sickness and vacations, which are fine and not the issue. We had 54 kids miss 20 or more days of school which is equivalent of a month of school.

Central is open to feedback and if you have any questions or concerns then please let me know. It is our hope that we can work together in the adventure in assisting each child’s education.


Principal Ryan Wells